Busy Bodies

Ages Walking to 3 1/2 Years Old

Busy Bodies class at Young’s is a parent participation class that focuses on structured learning environments during the first half of class and unstructured, controlled free play during the last half! Structured time in the class consists of learning basic gymnastics body positions during circle time. After circle time, the class will be exposed to skills using different apparatus in the gym such as the bars, balance beams, trampoline, and various different spotting blocks and wedges.


This is a great class for learning basic gymnastics skills and positions, social interaction with other children, and preparation for moving a student into a class by themselves at the age of 3 1/2.

At the top of the hour, the fun music comes on, the bounce house is inflated, and the swing comes down!

We realize that parents have different expectations for their children when they register for Busy Bodies class. This is due in part to the wide age range that we employ for this class. Some, typically those with a younger student, simply want their child to have social interaction time with other children of like ages while others, usually those with children closer to 3 years of age, are adamant that their child pay close attention, stay with the group, and gain as much structured gymnastics instruction from the time as possible. Instructors of the Busy Bodies classes are NOT going to insist on either parental behavior as both are acceptable with different students and different ages.

Why do we have such a wide age range with our Busy Bodies classes?

Over the years we have tried dividing this age group a few times, splitting it from walking to 2 years old and then 2 to 3 1/2 years old. With those age divisions we found the younger age groups to be too small thus limiting the amount of social interaction they were getting. Also, it became clear that the older students in the class, those 2 years old and up, were vital in showing the younger students how the routine of the class worked, thus helping enhance the younger students’ experience. The potential negative with our current age grouping is having a 3+ year old student in the class that is like a “Bull in a China Shop” running over all the younger ones! In those cases, instructors work with the parents of the older child to have them placed in the next age group up with children closer in age.

Ideally with this class more students is better than less! Typically with most classes you think fewer students means my child receives more individual instruction, but with Busy Bodies class social interaction is most important, so the more the merrier! Afternoon classes are capped at 6-8 students because of the other classes going on in the gym but morning classes can have upwards of 10-12 students since the Busy Bodies class is the only class, other than our Track Out campers, in the gym at that time! (If you can do mornings, we recommend those classes because there are fewer distractions as the gym is less crowded and as stated earlier, class is MORE fun with MORE students!)

Things To Know & Remember About Busy Bodies Class:

  • A parent or guardian MUST participate with the student!
  • Parent or guardian help is required! (Sorry, Busy Bodies class is NOT parent social time!)
  • Parent or guardian is responsible for making sure student stays out of other classes!
  • Children 3+ years old may stay in Busy Bodies if the child is not ready to age up!
  • The Bounce House inflatable & the Giant Swing are used in Busy Bodies ONLY!


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