Policies & FAQ

100% Money Back Guarantee

For first time families we want to give you a chance to “sample” our classes, so we are happy to give all your money back if it isn’t what youguarantee expected before the end of your first month of classes. Let us try to change times, classes, or teachers first if possible, but we want you to come back and try it again at a later date so we will gladly refund your money within that 1st month if it’s just not working out for your family! To receive a refund of fees and registration, you must notify the office either on or prior to you child’s 30th day in our program.

(This guarantee only applies to families enrolling in one of our gymnastics classes!)

Is the gymnastics program year round?

Yes. Young’s Gym operates its gymnastics program year round. Once a registration for a gymnastics class is submitted, enrollment in the class is perpetual until a Drop Request Form is submitted to the office.

How do I register?

You can register online through our website using any of the “Register” links on the live class page or by clicking the “New Member Registration” button at the top of every page. If you have registered for a program at Young’s in the past you will use our customer portal by clicking on the “Returning Member Login” tab at the top right of the page. You can also stop by the gym during office hours and we would be more than happy to register your child in person. Or if you’d like, just give us a call during office hours and we’ll register your child right over the phone. You will be required to use a major credit card. For more information on how to contact us click here.

When can I register?

Registration for classes at Young’s is ongoing which means that you can sign up at anytime. All tuition is monthly so we will simply prorate your tuition if you register in the middle of a month. Young’s Gym operates on a year round basis so classes are ongoing with no end dates.

Do you offer Trial Classes?

Yes. At Young’s we gladly like to offer potential students the opportunity to try one of our gymnastics classes without any monetary expense to the parent. We do, however, require a “Trial Class” form to be filled out and submitted before a trial student is allowed to enter the gym. Please be aware that the desired class for the trial lesson may be at full capacity which would make it unavailable for enrollment until a spot opens up! For complete details about trial classes at Young’s, please visit our Trial Class page.

Do you offer multi-class and sibling discounts?

Yes. You only pay full price for your first class tuition. A 10% discount is given to additional children within the same family when enrolling for classes. (Discount is taken on lowest priced class.)

We are offer a 50% discount for one child taking multiple classes. That’s right! If you sign your child up for a class and then he or she wants to take a 2nd class you will receive a 50% discount for that class!

Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes. Our annual membership fee is $50 per family and is charged at the time of initial registration. The annual membership fee is NON-REFUNDABLE! The fee is prorated throughout the course of the year as indicated below:

$50 Per Family
December-February:$40 Per Family
March-May:$30 Per Family
June-August:No Membership Fee!

This fee helps defray administrative expenses including, but not limited to, liability insurance, database fees, etc. This fee is only paid once during the gym’s fiscal year which starts each September.

***Note: There are NO membership fees for Day Camps, Private Lessons, Open Gyms, Parent’s Night Outs, or Birthday Parties.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Young’s Gymnastics & Cheerleading, Inc. has a NO REFUND policy! If circumstances arise that keep a student from attending classes, camps, or events, credit MAY be issued to the student’s account at the discretion of management. This credit will be good for a period of 1 year. (The 1st month guarantee for a gymnastics class is the ONLY exception for new customers!)

Do you offer makeup classes?

Yes. We allow our patrons to schedule 1 makeup per month as long as their account is current, active, and in good standing. This means that you MUST have paid tuition for the month you are requesting a makeup! You are NOT allowed to substitute makeups for unpaid or future classes! Makeups cannot be carried over from one session to another. We still ask that you consider makeups to be a PRIVELEGE and understand that not all classes may be available for a makeup if the enrollment for that class is at full capacity!! Any missed class MUST be made up within 30 days of the missed class date regardless of the reason for the absence. Otherwise, the makeup is forfeited. This policy includes classes that need makeups due to gym closings that may occur because of weather or holiday closings!

Please remember that makeups are a privilege and not guaranteed and you are ONLY allowed one(1) per month!

You should make every effort to have your child at his or her designated class time each week!

Recurring Monthly Payment

Young’s Gymnastics & Cheerleading, Inc. operates it’s gymnastics class program using a monthly, ongoing registration process that operates year round. When enrolling a student into one of our year round gymnastics classes it is with the understanding that it is continuous and ongoing until a “Drop Request” form is submitted or the season ends in August. An electronic “Drop Request” form must be submitted before the 26th of the month prior to the month you wish to withdraw to prevent the next month from being auto drafted from your account! Accounts are drafted on the 26th of each month!

Auto Draft Policy

When enrolling in a year round class at Young’s Gymnastics & Cheerleading, Inc. your credit card on file will be automatically drafted the 26th day of each month for the next month’s classes. Example: September’s tuition will be drafted on August 26th. If you wish to withdraw from a monthly program, you MUST submit an electronic “Drop Request” form to the business office before the 26th day of the month to prevent the following month from being drafted. If not received by that time, your account will continue to be charged on the 26th of the month for the next month! Links to the “Drop Request” form can be found on several pages within our website. The business office MUST receive the electronic “Drop Request” form before the 26th day of the month to prevent auto drafting of the next month’s tuition!

What is your cancellation (Drop) policy?

We understand that there may come a time when you need to withdraw your child from one of our programs. All we REQUIRE is that you let us know before the 26th day of the month by completing our electronic Drop Request form. It’s that simple! If you forget to let us know before the 26th day of the month and we have already processed your payment for the next month, your child can take those last 4 classes or we will credit your account for that amount and you will be able to use that money for any of our services for a period of one year: Birthday Parties, Day Camps, Summer Camps, Open Gyms, Parent’s Night Outs, or even another class if you re-enroll later.

We truly feel that our business has the simplest, most direct cancellation policy of any gym or children’s activities in the surrounding area! Feel free to check their websites to compare if you can even find their policies online. Most organizations require a minimum of a 30 day notice to drop a class, ultimately requiring you to pay for another month that you most likely would rather not do. It is NOT our philosophy to lock people into classes they do not want nor receive payment for services not provided. Our motive is to create simple procedures that provide us adequate notice so we can fill vacated class spots in a timely manner if possible.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the customer to submit the simple, electronic Drop Request Form. Sending an email to the business office stating that you would like to drop a class does NOT remove your child from his or her class. You are REQUIRED to submit the Drop Request Form to officially withdraw! You can fill out the Drop Request Form faster than you can send an email. It really is that simple!

Can I stay and watch my child in class?

Of course you can!!! We love our parents to stay. You’re welcome to observe your child in our glassed in lobby.

Do you follow Wake Co. Public School’s Traditional Calendar for Spring Break?

Sometimes! If the Wake Co. traditional calendar chooses either the week before Easter or the week after Easter to close for Spring break, we will typically close that same week. If it is not one of those two weeks, however, we will NOT close the same week as Wake Co. traditional schools and we will typically choose to close the week before Easter!

Young’s Gym Email Policy

When you register at Young’s Gym you submit your email address with your registration. We periodically send mass emails to our database of customers about upcoming programs and events at the gym. When we do send emails, there are different sources that we use to send them, our in house database that keeps all customer data in reference to their accounts and an outside email service such as Email Contact (http://www.emailcontact.com/). We only use the outside services for design and aesthetic purposes. Our in house database only allows us to send text only emails.

You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time! If you receive an email from one of the outside services simply hit the “unsubscribe” link located at the footer of the email and your email address is permanently removed and cannot be imported into that service again! Our in house database will require you to reply to us and let us know you would like to be removed and then we have to manually do it within the database.

Unfortunately, since we may have your email address in different email services, you may have to unsubscribe more than one time. We are NOT trying to send you unwanted emails! We have also tried to limit the use of the outside email services to just one at this time, http://www.emailcontact.com.

Young’s Gym Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, management of Young’s Gym makes the final decision on whether to open for business! We do NOT follow Wake County School’s decisions or any other school district’s decisions about delays or closings! This is due primarily to the fact that the majority of our business is conducted during the afternoon hours when oftentimes in North Carolina, the bad weather that was around during the morning commute is no longer an issue in the afternoon.

That being said, there may be times when we delay or cancel morning programs, classes, or services at our gym but remain open for the afternoon programs and classes.

You can call the gym office, email us, or check the website to determine whether the gym is going to delay or cancel certain classes or programs, or close altogether.

Please Remember: No matter what decision Young’s Gym management makes as to inclement weather, it is ALWAYS at your discretion as to whether you feel safe in driving to the gym. We will ALWAYS allow you to make up a class if you can’t make it because you didn’t feel comfortable driving. Your family’s safety is our top priority!

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