Wake Forest All-Stars


Wake Forest All-Stars families,

As many of you may know two years ago I decided to scale back my responsibilities as program director and let Nikita step into that role. She has done an amazing job and made me very proud. For the past few years I have spoken with Alan about me not doing cheer at all anymore. However, I never made that leap because I knew I would be disappointing athletes, parents and coaches. So I continued on with the program. Right before spring break Alan and I decided that it was time for me to be finished with cheer. Through lots of personal growth and self-reflection over the past 2 years I knew this was something I had to do for myself. I met with Nikita to let her know that I was completely stepping back and that for it to continue would be solely on her. Over the past 3 weeks she has taken time to think and reflect and we have had many conversations knowing this is a big decision. After much thought and reflection Nikita has decided that she is not able to coach anymore. I will attach an e-mail from her so you can hear her heart but being a single mom with 2 beautiful girls and a full time job outside of cheer it just isn’t a good personal decision to  continue taking so much time away from her family. Wake Forest All-Stars is not just a business to me but it is a lifestyle and something that should be committed to wholeheartedly. I have done that since 2002 when we started all-star cheer here at the gym! I don’t think it is fair to continue a program that I can’t give my whole heart. The athletes, parents and coaches don’t deserve that. Please know that I have thought about each of your athletes and the coaches as I have made this decision and it was not easy. I love these kids and I love watching them grow but I have learned over the past 2 years that I must be able to do what is right for myself knowing that it may disappoint those around me. For those reasons this will be the final season for Wake Forest All-Stars.

Cheerleading has made me who I am and it has taught me the power of teamwork, work ethic, perseverance, discipline, loyalty and how to get knocked down and then get back up and do better next time. As a gym owner and coach it has definitely taught me that I can’t please everyone and that is ok and it has shown me how amazing children are and that probably taught me as much or more than I ever taught them. It has thickened the skin of this people pleasing girl that started this program 22 years ago and it has given me some of the most special relationships with athletes and parents as well as the opportunity to mentor and love many athletes and have the honor of watching them succeed in sports, in school, and in life! I have watched them get married, have babies and I have also been there through their struggles and sad times. What a ride it has been and I will always treasure the athletes and families who believed in my program and what I stand for. But now it is time for me to do what is right for me and as uncomfortable and scary as that is I am taking that step! Cheerleading made me who I am but it is not who I am and what defines me.

I know that this news is disappointing and sudden to everyone. I did not think it was fair to wait until the end of season events were over to share this news as many gyms will start their tryouts in May. I wanted to give you all the chance to process and make decisions for next season. I want you to know how excited that I am for the end of season events! These teams and coaches have worked SO hard and truly look amazing! My prayer is that Wake Forest All-Stars can go to Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando and put on amazing last performances that are representative of who we are. I want to go out strong with some of the hardest working coaches and athletes that we have had in a long time.

Please know that this final decision has nothing to do with the athletes, parents or coaches. It has everything to do with ME, who I am, who I want to be, and beginning the rest of my life being able to look back and say, “I did that, I built a successful program over 22 years and it was an amazing time in my life.” I can’t wait to see what each of your children do with their life and with cheerleading!

I can’t thank you enough for your support whether it was for many years or if this was just your 1st year. It means more than you know for people to believe in what you do!

Cheers & Go WFAS!

Sincerely & with all my heart,


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