Super Tots

Transitional Class-Ages 5 & 6

Like our Tiny Tots classes, Super Tots has been a vital part of the program at Young’s Gym for the past 25 years! It is called a transitional class because by the age of 6 some students are ready to leave the Super Tots class and move into our school age classes. Some students, however, are perfectly fine staying in the Super Tots class through the age of 6 and move to our school age program when turning 7. The decision as to where to place a six year old child should be made by the parent with the assistance of a Young’s Gym staff member if the child has previously been in the program at Young’s.

What’s the difference between our preschool program and our school age program?

When a student transitions from the preschool program to the school age program, the school age program classes will have a more serious feel to them! That does not mean that they are more structured classes or more boring classes, but some of the silliness is left behind (The Freeze song, Animal song warmup for example). The school age program of classes are taught with this structure:


  • Come into class
  • Run
  • Stretch
  • Get to work learning skills!
  • Strength conditioning and/or stretching at the end of class
  • Go home and practice for next week

Keeping the program differences in mind, parents of 6 year olds may choose to keep their child in Super Tots. Some kids are more comfortable in a setting where they are still one of the oldest in a class versus being the youngest in a school age class. Super Tots are going to work on gymnastics skills on all the Olympic apparatus: Floor, Bars, Balance Beams, Vault, and the Trampoline. Super Tots, as well as all the preschool age classes, are evaluated several times throughout the course of the year with a skill assessment.

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