Important Information As We Begin To Reopen

Hi everyone,

The health and safety of your child is our #1 concern as we start our business again. The principles we use to guide us in this decision are as follows:
1. The health and well being of students and families
2. Supporting the recommendations and guidelines of our government
3. Positively responding to the needs of our YGC families

We know children need to feel safe and familiar. That’s our fundamental wish for them when they return to programs offered at our facility.

We are making a lot of adjustments to keep all of you safer. We are temperature checking students and staff upon entry with an infrared thermometer. After recording a healthy temperature, each person must use hand sanitizer inside the front door upon entry. Currently, we are NOT allowing parents into the building. Although we installed brand new water fountains over the shutdown, we will not be allowing use of those for the foreseeable future. In our restrooms we have contactless soap dispensers, water, and hand towels. We are applying antimicrobial tape on all touch points in our gym that kills 99% of viruses including door knobs, etc. We will eliminate stamps at the end of preschool classes. We’ve purchased many gallons of hand sanitizer and have installed more hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility. We will keep a table in front of the office window for social distancing and keep our office glass partition window partially closed. Our staff will go through a self-screening process daily before they come into our facility. We will strongly recommend all children and staff to stay home if they aren’t feeling 100%.

We have always been proud of our clean facility, but now we will increase our cleaning even more to assure you that your child will be in a clean gym with a healthy staff.

We have also invested in a LIVE streaming camera system. You now can live stream your child’s class. So you can go to your car or back home and watch the class in that manner if you wish. You will need the user name and password from our staff to access this new feature. User names and passwords will be changed frequently for security reasons.

Here is the proposed schedule for each of our programs. Please remember that everything is fluid in these uncertain times and any of these schedules could change without notice:

  • Gymnastics Classes

For all of you who had students enrolled in our gymnastics classes when we closed our facility on March 15th that schedule has been cancelled and all enrolled students were dropped from classes.

Our current Gymnastics Class schedule is the one we will be building from. We currently offer 4 classes an hour with 6 students allowed in each class. Our pre-shutdown schedule offered 6 classes an hour with 7-8 students in a class. So now instead of nearly 40 kids in the gym at a time there will only be up to 25. Each class is kept separate from the other classes and the students in each class are kept socially distanced. We currently are operating at approximately 50% of pre-shutdown enrollment for our gymnastics classes.

All teaching instructors are REQUIRED to wear a mask! Students are allowed to wear a mask if they choose to do so but masks are not required for students while they are in the gym. At the end of each class, students are dismissed out of our double doors located on the side of the building.

Our plan is to increase the number of students in each class and eventually add back the other 2 class times each hour as it becomes safe to do so.

  • Day Camps

Currently this program is suspended. Visit our Day Camp page for more information. Click HERE!

  • Birthday Parties

Currently, Birthday Parties at the gym have been suspended! The plan is to consider restarting birthday parties once the state of NC enters into Stage 3 of reopening, but that will be monitored and determined at that time.

Throughout all the changes we have all gone through, one thing will never change and that is our dedication and devotion to you, our Young’s Gym families.

The first sentence of our mission states “At Young’s Gym, our goal is to provide our students with proper instruction in gymnastics and/or cheerleading in a fun and safe environment.” Doing our best to provide a “safe” environment has never been more important than during this unprecedented time in our country.

Hopefully we’ll see you back at our facility soon for one or more of our programs and services. Until then, stay healthy and stay strong…#YGCStrong.

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